Leading the Energy Transition 

Making Value in the Offshore Industry

Specialized Energy EPC group  



With two thirds of the world’s cities near a shoreline, the oceans contain the key to our energy future. Knowing how to harness the energy in and below the world’s waters is what positions KOMS as a company with an important role to play in the global energy development. From today’s oil and gas to tomorrow’s wind and wave, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate the energy transition.


KOMS believes the oceans will provide the world with safe, sustainable and affordable energy for generations to come. We share our experience to make it happen.


KOMS will continue to provide reliable and efficient floating production solutions to the  offshore energy industry, over the full product lifecycle. With the industry transitioning, we are developing a solid portfolio with innovative solutions to meet the needs of an evolving energy mix.



KOMS  believes the oceans will provide the world with safe, sustainable and affordable energy for generations to come. We share our experience to make it happen.

To be able to achieve this vision, the development of KOMS' strategy is based on the analysis of energy supply and demand, feedback from stakeholders, trends in the market, the Company’s capabilities to perform in its markets.

KOMS strategy has been built on three strategic pillars:


  • Optimize core business activities and be the Best-in-Class to deliver backlog.

  • Relying on the talent of our people to create value.


  • Innovate as a way to maintain KOMS' technology leadership position and to evolve its product portfolio in line with market needs and expectations, in particular for the energy transition to renewable energy solutions.


Protecting people, the environment, and equipment as we drill the wells our customers require.





We are a  leading offshore global solution provider. Water for us has no limits, from early engagement to end of asset life,  through technology, innovation and management of distinctive assets.



The LNG-to-power has become a global trend, with gas-fired power generation expected to grow by more than 26% by 2030. With our DNV certified flexible floating design and optimized safety, we can bring electricity to the any place in world.  




KOMS specializes in EPC of LNG Powered Vessels: Cargo containment, Bunkering Barge System Design, Handling and Fuel gas supply systems 



Ensure success of your next offshore project by bringing in KOMS’ expert advice – either for a single phase for the whole project



We take our goal of protecting the environment seriously. Proudly presenting various environmentally friendly solutions used in the industrial projects from Eco grease and lubricants to Inspection tools 


Established as Ship Research Institute affiliated with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology in 1973, KRISO-KOMS has continuously conducted R&D in the field of ship and offshore plants, contributing to the development of the ship and maritime industry in Korea. KRISO-KOMS strives to conduct R&D in maritime engineering and technology by discovering the infinite values of the sea and securing various application technologies and new source technologies in preparation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.